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Booking and paying for your trip


You can reserve your trip by phone or email. Please include your name exactly as it is written in your passport, as well as your birth date, home address, phone number, email address and copy of your passport. Please also let us know of any special dietary needs and other requests and whether you would prefer a single room or share a male or female room.


Please confirm your trip by paying a booking fee of 300 €/person or 25% of the total price. The booking fee needs to be paid within 7 days. The remainder of the invoice will be due 35-45 days before the trip unless otherwise specified.


You have the right to cancel your trip without a specific reason. By cancelling we mean the cancellation of a client's already booked trip or the changing of dates, accommodation or other details. Also these changes will be treated as a cancellation and will be subject to cancellation policies listed below.


An already begun trip cannot be changed. Once a client cancels their trip without a specific reason we as the tour operator have the right to withhold the true expenses (for example for accommodation, unless it can be resold). 


In case no costs have accrued clients can cancel their trips without specific reason as follows:

- latest three months before the trip, where a cancellation fee of 200€ + 24% VAT will be charged per person

- under three months and latest 45 days before the trip, where the booking fee of 300€ + 24% VAT will be charged per person.

- under 45 days before the trip, where 100% of the full price will be charged as the cancellation fee.


We also have the right to cancel your booking in case the booking fee has not been paid by the due date.


In case of serious illness or accident you of course have the right to cancel according to the Package Travel Act (and general package travel conditions?). ZolarStone has the right to charge a reasonable fee for what we have already bought and arranged such as services paid for in advance, which we cannot cancel. We do not have the right to charge for lost business. We apply specific policies to some of our trips. In these cases a different booking fee will be charged and specific cancellation policies will be applied and given to you with the programs.


When you need to cancel please do so immediately with a copy of the doctor's note, insurance claim, police report or other reliable written documentation. Last minute cancellations occur costs much greater than the booking and preliminary fees. For this reason we recommend taking a cancellation insurance as soon as you have booked your trip.


The trip price


The prices of the trips include the meals, day trips, transportation, accommodation, Finnish tour leader and local tour guide as specified in the trip program. We book the services in advance if possible depending on the destination. Everything included in the trip is mentioned in the program. Our trips do not include for example insurances, airport fees, visa expenses or tips.


Our trips are priced according to service provider rates, foreign exchange rates and taxes at the time of publishing our trips to be sold and a minimum requirement of seven people per group.


In case of a swing in world markets, supply being greater than demand (tarkista) and the special nature of our trips our prices may suddenly increase accordingly. We reserve the right to check and change the price of our trips latest one month before the trip as directed by the Consumer Ombudsman. In case a change is expected we will contact you immediately.


In case a passenger wants to transfer his trip to another person they need to notify ZolarStone's customer service of this immediately. Please note that not all trips can be transferred due to licences and visas that need to be obtained in good time from the local authorities.


Trip conditions


General package tour conditions apply on our trips as outlined by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. Due to the special nature of our trips we also apply additional and special trip conditions (tarkista). You will find these conditions on ZolarStone's website.


For the trips to happen at the price advertised in the brochures, website or other marketing material a minimum of seven people are required per group. In case the required minimum is different it will be mentioned in the trip plan. We have the right to cancel the trip if the minimum requirement is not met.


The trip content


ZolarStone reserves the right to possible changes in schedule, program or other details according to the Package Travel Act paragraph 10 without changing the actual content of the trip. Any changes will be informed of immediately.


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