Vaellus Intian Himalajalla, Devriatal järvi 2800 m

Eräs kauneimmista järvistä Intian Himalajalla sijaitsee Uttarakhandissa.

DevriaTal järvi on 2348 m merenpinnan yläpuolella ja sieltä on huikeat näköalat Chaukhamba (7138 m) lumipeitteiseen vuoristoon. Matka vuorelle on jo kokemuksen arvoinen, välille nähtäväksi jää jokien risteys, josta pyhä Ganges saa alkunsa sekä idyllisiä vuoristokyliä. Reitti Devritaljärvelle on helppo ja jokaisen peruskuntoisen iloksi saavutettavissa.

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One of the most beautiful lakes in Uttarakhand is DevariaTal an altitude of 2438 m.

Tucked on the Kumaoun Himalayas, the DevariaTal seems to be etched with the snow capped peaks on its background. On the crystal blue waters of DevariaTal, the peaks of Chaukhamba gets reflected and it is a beautiful sight.

- The story associated with this scenic place is that when the Pandavas were in exile and were hiding from the Kaurava king Duryodhan, they stopped nearby for a rest. When the mother Kunti felt thirsty, one by one four sons out of five went to fetch water from this lake but died, as they could not answer the question of the Yaksha Devta who resided here. When the eldest son's Yudishtra's turn came, he answered all questions correctly and with the result the dead brothers also came back to life. chopta: known as the “Switzerland of India”.

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